Design image and color are important to gift box manufacturers


In recent years, in order to attract more customers, a lot of efforts have been made on the color and image of the packaging.

The color design of tea packaging: Color is what can attract customers in packaging design. If the color is matched properly, it will make consumers have a pleasing feeling after viewing it, which can attract consumers' attention. The color of the packaging is restricted by the attributes of the product, and the color itself has its attributes. Therefore, the use of color should be cautious, and strive to be small and precise, concise and clear. Either fresh and elegant, or gorgeous and moving, or simple and natural. It is necessary to take into account the customs and appreciation habits of consumers, as well as to use different colors in consideration of the grade, occasion, variety, and characteristics of the goods. The design should pay attention to the unity of color and overall style. It should not use too much color, it can not form a dying, and gold and silver can not be used everywhere, giving people a sense of flashy. The comparison with similar products should be considered when designing. Conduct investigation, analysis and research on similar products, learn from each other's strengths, and design competitive packaging that can stand out among many products.

Image design of tea packaging: The pattern design of the gift box can make the product more vivid, vivid and interesting. However, the patterns on some packages are old and complicated, they are not very commercial, and lack the sense of the times. They are repetitive and lack individuality. Ancient patterns such as dragons and phoenixes are used indiscriminately. Painting a phoenix represents that it should be given new content, new life, new form, a spirit should be passed through, a charm should be reflected, tradition should be a style and a fashion. The traditional patterns can be deformed with modern techniques to make them more modern, symbolic, and concise. The traditional packaging gives people a sense of culture, connotation, and otherworldly, which is also in line with the personality of tea.